I love traveling. It’s one of the few activities I spend my moneys on. Here is a map of the countries I have visited:

Visited count:

I lived in Italy most of my time, first in Palermo and then in Pisa. I lived for about 8 months in Warsaw and for a month in Moscow. I’m currently living in Zürich.

And I still have too many places to see.


One of the very few passions that I carried with me for my whole life. I bought my first manual, D&D 3.0 Player’s Handbook, when I was 13 after my uncle asked me if a game he was playing with his friends long before still existed.

Since then, I tried more than 20 different game systems and met with an enormous amount of people sharing the same passion.

Boardgames are a good option too, but very few of them can beat the fun of a role playing session with your friends!


For 10 years, since 2008 to 2018, I have been cooperating with the Association InformaGiovani from Palermo. Together with them I took part to several workcamps around the world.

Some of the unusual thing I did while enjoying these experiences:

  1. Helped rebuilding a castle in Hrebeny, Czech Republic.
  2. Built a garden in commemoration of a massacre ordered by Mafia in Trapani.
  3. Collected snails from a rice field in Hong Kong.
  4. Built an oven for pizza in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
  5. Helped in the renovation of monuments to the Resistance against the fascist regime.
  6. Several hours of farming…

And more.

Traveling around for little or no money, meeting new people, learning English: these have been some of the most rewarding experiences in my life.