Computer Science

I’m currently employed in Zürich as a Security Delivery Senior Analyst at Accenture. In the past I have worked in the StreetView Support team at Google Switzerland.

I’m a Linux and network enthusiast.

I started using Linux as my main OS in 2008 and I’m still doing it. Currently writing this page from a Manjaro installation. I have to admit though that Windows improved a lot during the years and Windows 10 is very good OS.

Hosting services

For several years I ran a small hosting company.

After some time of hosting my own websites and realizing that I could have been able to offer the same service to other people, I decided to start doing it in 2013. I stopped in 2019.

During the years, I used servers in Italy, Canada and Germany. I still own some of these servers and I use them for development and personal projects.


I started it as an hobby when I was 14-15 years old. Learned basic syntax with some simple C programming and then quickly moved to web development because it was more rewarding.

I am currently at my best with Python and JavaScript/TypeScript, and I master Bash scripting. I can code well in Java, Kotlin, C#, Perl and PHP. I occasionally wrote code in Ruby, OCaml, Dart and C++.

Here are some of my active projects:

You can find more code on my GitHub profile.


Currently I hold the following security certifications:

I am now working as a penetration tester at Accenture.

As many others, I decided to collect some useful stuffs in a personal website, mostly for quick reference:

You can also have a look at my GitHub for some exploits.


I hate graphics. I can’t use efficiently any popular image editing software, need Google and time for even small modifications.

And as you can probably tell from this website, I don’t have a good taste for colors either.

Is this why I like command line?